Chanting at Saint John's

Chanting is a big part of the experience in the Orthodox Church. In our community we encourage congregational chanting. This means that, under the guidance of the lead chantors, we all make chanting part of our worship. We do so with reverence and respect and with much love for God and the neighbour. The following resources are shared for enabling our members to practice the most common hymns chanted during the Divine Liturgy and other services.

Hymns from the Divine Liturgy - according to the 2018 Hymnal (Green) Book

Doxology, complete (page 1):    Video     Score

Today Salvation (page 13):   Video     Score

The Litany of Peace (page 15):    Video     Score

Only Begotten (page 27):   Video     Score

Cherubic Hymn - before Entrance (page 45): Video     Score

Cherubic Hymn - after Entrance (page 47):   Video     Score

Megalynarion (page 65):    Video     Score